Monday, August 10, 2009

Night out at Lemon Tree Lounge

My co-worker and I decided to go hang out at Lemon Tree Lounge. It was my first time there and it was really nice. When you walk in there a bouncer that check your ID you pay at the door and keep walking. The place it dime down fairly nicely has a romantic feeling to it. There a dancing floor big enough to dance and have a good time. That night I think I over dance because the next day I was in so much pain. There also a huge bar almost the same size from where the door starts to the end of the room. Comfy couches as well. The best part was there was free buffet and boy it was yummy. There's also a patio where you can have your drink, chill for a bit, and enjoy your ciggs if your a smoker. The best part of the patio there a waterfall and plenty of chairs to sit and relax. Over all I think it was the best lounge I've been to and I have a lot of fun.

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