Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exotic Jewels By Heidi Klum

So this is a limited edition collection from Heidi Klum and she was inspired when she went to her trip to India. I think this line is amazing and all the colors are different which is another thing. Everything is unique from this collection and I love it cause that what I always look in makeup something that stands out. This line includes eye shadow palette in Hidden Palace which retails $24. Glitter liquid liner in Majesty $12, extra-lengthening mascara in amethyst $13, Luminous face powder gems in moon stone $22 I might get it just to complete the set not sure yet. Perfect lipstick in exotic spice $16 and Lip gloss in Passion $14. I think anyone interested in this line should definitely try it out and prices are good not to pricey.

Disclaimer I did not receive this product for free I am not affiliate with the company in any way. I purchased this item with my own money. I am not getting paid to use this product in my video.

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