Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So NYX was having a huge sale and I decided to buy a couple of there new released eye shadows. There were 150 on the site but when I went to go buy there were only 50 on the site. I grabbed my hands on all 50 being I only have 6 NYX eye shadows. And for $2.50 each is really not a bad buy. Plus these shadows are so vibrant and gorgeous why not buy them. This only adds to my collection of makeup and I'm loving them so far.

Disclaimer I did not receive this product for free I am not affiliate with the company in any way. I purchased this item with my own money. I am not getting paid to use this product in my video.


  1. here are the names from the above e/s

    -dark gray
    -autumn sky
    -charcoal brown
    -mellow green
    -dark navy
    -azur sky
    -pure gold
    -taupe pearl
    -golden amber
    -dust sparkle
    -bright green
    -sparkle cedar
    -snow candy
    -smokie mountain
    -sparkle white
    -sweet oleander
    -utopia gold
    -earthy shimmer
    -ballerina dream
    -super creamy
    -kiss in casablanca
    -hunter green
    -charcoal brown
    -lagoon sparkle
    -frosted ocean
    -navy blue
    -skin tight
    -summer green
    -velvet suede
    -peach bronze
    -yellow funk
    -deep space
    -red pink
    -vanilla shimmer
    -light green
    -jazzy pink
    -blue marine
    -deep purple
    -true taupe
    -exotic green
    -pure skin
    -toffee shimmer
    -sunset ray
    -lake algae
    -extreme apricot

    Love Lola2022

  2. can you like associate the eyeshadows with the names ? like in order please .